No time to make your own stuff? Brand new instructor and would prefer to get some experience first? Then check out our pre-choreographed formats that you can take straight from your laptop to your class.

We currently have the following programs available license free for you to get involved with at your convenience. No training course, no monthly fees, no nada. Simply purchase the choreography from us and your music from the music provider and you are ready to go! Relevant qualifications must be uploaded before you are able to go shopping! 

Hype is our street dance fitness program aimed at instructors with dance experience looking for a format to level up from the average dance fitness sesh! Based on house, commercial, hip-hop, dancehall, breaking footwork and general street style action, this is a firm favourite on the timetable. Click here to find out more!

Rave Tone is a choreographed bodyweight resistance class set to the house and trance vibes of the White Isle, Ibiza. This easy to teach format is an total body workout concentrating on toning, flexibility and range of motion whilst getting your clients the burn that they are after! Click here to find out more! 

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