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YOU are the bomb! <3

This is something I think I have always struggled to get my head around...... and definitely something that still pops up every time I start a new project, one that's pushing me outside of my comfort zone.

The thing is, you do not have to be the best in the world to have something worthwhile to give. Just because when you look at other people YOU regard them as being better than you or more successful or more knowledgeable, this is not necessarily so and even if it is, it doesn't matter.

There are always people that will learn from you. That you can show a new path to, that you can inspire to make a life change, who's life you can affect in a positive way. The reality is that passion, hustle and hard-work are the key in getting what you want, what you really really want. Zigazigah.

We spend our lives comparing ourselves to other people. How they look, what they do, what they have achieved. Whilst all of these things can serve to inspire us and give us something to aim for, at the same time it can be the achievements of our peers which may lead us to question ourselves and how adequate we are for the task we have set ourselves.

The real truth is, you are enough. You have the knowledge, the character and the inner energy to enrich someone's life. Time to bring the hustle and the concentration to make it happen.

Every day we put stumbling blocks in our own way..... reason upon reason why something won't succeed and why we aren't good enough to do it. I am never ever going to argue in the face of upskilling and continued education, and as an industry we owe it to our clients to continue learning. All I'm saying is, YOU are awesome, WE are awesome. Whether Mary next door has more dance skills than you doesn't mean she's a bellend OR that you shouldn't do your dance fitness class. EVERYONE has something to give and there will be someone out there that can ONLY start their journey with you. For some people they need to meet someone with the same energy and vibe that they need at that exact point..... And that person could be you.

I guess all I'm saying is..... We do an amazing, fun, tough, happy, emotional, thankful, draining, magical, hardworking job...... high five yourself for doing it bloody well. NOONE does it like you. And that is why your class think you are frigging ace.

Anna is a qualified Personal Trainer, experienced Group Exercise instructor and a Master-Trainer for an international fitness brand. Owner of Vital Signz Dance. Creator of Always Moving Forward Instructor Network.


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