Girls & food - a bit of a ramble!

Basically this came to me this morning as I shovelled boiling hot eggs into my face, burning the skin off the roof of my mouth but not stopping. Apparently that's the kind of person I am these days - a human hoover! Chances are this blog is going to end up more a ramble than a point to point post so make sure you've had your coffee before you start lol!

So over this winter I have attempted my first ever 'bulk'. I've gained around 7kg which is probably tiny compared to what some people achieve but bearing in mind I spend a decent portion of my week jumping around like a leprechaun on speed and I've had to eat 3500-4000 kcals a day to achieve this, I'm pretty pleased. I am a few weeks off cutting for a photo shoot which I'm using to benchmark my progress before I hit the food hard again for another 10 month bulk. The main aim of the game? To fight my gene pool and get legs like The Rock and an ass that people will hire to crush grapes with for their homemade wine.... the end game.... realistically? To be stronger and hopefully get my buttocks working enough to be able to squat a human male. Or 2.