The 5 Stupidest Things I've Done Whilst Teaching

So we've all been there right, that humiliating moment that happens in front of a roomful of people! I'm just hear to lay my shit bare in the hope that it makes you feel a little better about your own!

1. Flipped a tit out half way through Zumba

Yup. It was my whole nipple. The right one.. To a class of 30. I blame those bloody crossover Zumba bras.... way easier to fall out of than the higher necked ones I wear these days! All I can say is at least my class laughed (at my boob I'd just like to add) and they didn't try to pretend it hadn't happened.... that would have been a whole lot worse. We had a giggle out of it..... and at the end of the day everyone has nipples..... men or women. I'm just glad it wasn't one of the in-school pupil Zumba classes I was teaching at the time..... at least I just flashed a roomful of adults and I didn't end up on the register.