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The 5 Stupidest Things I've Done Whilst Teaching

So we've all been there right, that humiliating moment that happens in front of a roomful of people! I'm just hear to lay my shit bare in the hope that it makes you feel a little better about your own!

1. Flipped a tit out half way through Zumba

Yup. It was my whole nipple. The right one.. To a class of 30. I blame those bloody crossover Zumba bras.... way easier to fall out of than the higher necked ones I wear these days! All I can say is at least my class laughed (at my boob I'd just like to add) and they didn't try to pretend it hadn't happened.... that would have been a whole lot worse. We had a giggle out of it..... and at the end of the day everyone has nipples..... men or women. I'm just glad it wasn't one of the in-school pupil Zumba classes I was teaching at the time..... at least I just flashed a roomful of adults and I didn't end up on the register.

2. Breaking my finger

So this happened. And again it was during Zumba......., are you sensing that Zumba should be classified as a dangerous sport yet??? I was wacking out my very best Beto Shuffle and somehow I got my finger caught at speed in my lovely rubber wristbands of which I had many. At least 10. On each arm. What a bellend.

So in true fitpro style I pretended it hadn't happened and carried on. And then went home and realised my sausage finger might be a little poorly. So I taped it to my other finger with sellotape for a few weeks.... you'll be pleased to know it is now just as straight as my other fingers and I'm still Beto Shuffling..... just without the wrist based adornment!

3. Partially dislocating my shoulder

Honestly what a muppet. I was demoing a lat pullover..... as I'm sure you guys can tell from my vids etc I've got scoliosis so I'm not quite set up as I should be and that means that I need to pay extra special attention to my posture when I'm lifting. Unfortunately for me I was clearly more intent on teaching and talking to my class than I was on ensuring my shoulders were locked in and out it popped from it's little socket. I yanked on the barbell and the cheeky bugger slid back in but then ensued weeks and weeks of physio, exercises and lifting light weights until it was back to ninja status! I am ALWAYS super careful when doing a lat pullover now and wouldn't do it unsupervised for the first 6 months after shouldergate.... #paranoia!

4. Splitting my trousers right up the crevice

Again this was teaching dance fitness...... I bent over to shake my ass as you do.... with my stage buddy was right behind me...... and my favourite leggings (which my Mum had darned up the crack for me twice) split again. Needless to say I had to admit defeat and throw them in the bin (and luckily for my stage buddy I had underwear on to cover the offending items) so it could have been a lot worse but still, things were a little more al fresco than normal that night!

5. Watching my class fall over like dominos

Now admitedly this didn't actually happen to me however it still makes me laugh when I think about it! A local instructors class had been cancelled due to the venue, so she brought 9 of her class to my class to try something different. I was really chuffed, I think a lot of this instructor and it made the atmosphere great. It was Strong by Zumba and there are a lot of side travels.... my venue had polished the floor that day and had finished parts of it with something tacky. Two of my regulars got their foot stuck on the floor on the various side travels and hit the deck..... luckily they dropped and rolled otherwise this wouldn't have been a funny story however my instructor buddy and her class who were NOT on a tacky bit of floor were just watching on in bewilderment as my lot hit the deck at sporadic points throughout the class. I could see them thinking, what the fuck is wrong with this group of people and I spent the entire class bursting into fits of laughter every time I caught the eye of my drop and rollers. Professional!

There are so many funny moments teaching fitness and group exercise in particular.... we try so hard to think of different things to say each week as we want the class to always appear fresh and fun.... and that in itself causes us a shed load of giggles. I love reading my fitfams posts about the faux pas they have made in class that day..... a good belly laugh makes the world go round and if we can take the mick out of ourselves then our job just got that extra bit more magic!

Happy Tuesday fitfam.... may your day be full of fitness magic, dry humping and unbroken fingers!