The Top 5 Things I Wish I'd Learned How To Do Earlier

1. SAY NO To the class we don't want to take on , to the crap rates from some facilities, to the person who gave a positive PAR-Q and we don't think we are insured to teach, we constantly feel under pressure to say yes. I think it's a general human quality that is magnified because we feel genuinely lucky to be doing a job we love. The thing is, it is still a job which pays our bills and hopefully affords us a social life with the people that we love. If it's not worth prepping the class, driving to the venue, teaching the class and then driving home all for £20 then it's not worth it end of. And as for the PAR-Qs..... I know we want to be inclusive and I know we hate turning people away, but if you're not insured and you're not comfortable then youre going to have to get used to it. It is just part and parcel of the job. 2. CUT CLASSES WITHOUT BEATING MYSELF UP FOR 3 MONTHS BEFOREHAND We all know this one right.... a year ago this was the busiest class on our timetable, now no-one wants to know. It's a tough one to get our heads around but we have to learn to do it and move on. Yes some of our participants will be sad but it's weighing up how much you are prepared to let that affect your income, your self confidence and your love for the job.