Self employed and LONELY

Being self employed is kinda cool huh..... we generally do something we we don't normally mind if we have to work late or end up doing admin on the weekend (although we do a bit, let's not lie 🤣). Doing something we find so fulfilling makes up for the fact that we get bugger all pension, no sick pay and definitely no holiday pay...... but that's not what this is about.

Being self employed and generally working on your own can be lonely. Don't get me wrong, there's no-one I want to strangle near the water cooler, I love every single one of my clients, there's no idiot to complain to personnel because I told them they needed a punch in the chops.  BUT sometimes it does feel a little isolated. I miss the banter, someone threatening me with a jam slam (don't ask) for not getting my work done on time, the after work drinks and the lunch trips to Tesco to slag off the boss. 

Of course we make plans with our fellow self employed folk for brunch and lunch and coffees but then it's back to our solo expedition for the rest of our 9 hour admin day.