Why fitness comes in all shapes and sizes....

I'm not here to blow smoke up your ass.... in an ideal world everyone would have extra ordinary levels of motivation, pay a specialist Personal Trainer for a personalised and completely adapted program that would fit their exact needs and they would go and do it regardless of what comes up during their day, eat the perfect diet suitable for the form of exercise they have been given to do and get results that are absolutely second to none.

But it's not an ideal world. And we all have lives to live. And more importantly we are all so completely different and motivated by such varied factors and have both incredibly different cash flows and personal preferences, how can there be such a one size fits all approach to keeping fit and healthy.

Some people prefer to train alone, solely motivated by their own personal goals and having time to themselves without other people interfering. Some people like to workout in small groups, with people they know pretty well and that they feel comfortable with, they have similar goals and it spurs them on to tick the boxes. Other people need lots of humans and noise in a room and they need someone to tell them what to do, to call them out when they're not working hard enough and to high five them when they get the job done. It depends if you are training for a marathon, if you just want to be a bit fitter and a little healthier, if you want to compete in a physique competition, if you'd like to join an adult ne