Eating Healthily - the why's, what's and how's

You want to lose a little weight, to get a little healthier, to feel like you have a spring in your step. But the thought of religiously counting calories (or indeed macros) every day fills you with dread..... I mean life is for living right, and the last time you counted calories you lost weight but it was so restrictive you lost your mojo after the first week and dived head first into a family size bar of Dairy Milk and a multipack of Doritos.

Whilst the 80's, and indeed the 90's, were full of magazine and newspaper articles telling you to eat celery with cottage cheese and to avoid eating anything after 6pm, nowadays we've got the likes of the Body Coach telling us how to whip up exciting healthy meals in under 15 minutes without so much of a hint of diet restriction or cabbage soup.

So who