My Top 7 Ways to Avoid Feeling Like A Sack of Sh*t After Christmas

Well I think we can safely say Mother Martin is going to slap me upside the head for the title of this article! Sorry Mum!

We know the drill..... everyone's healthy eating and exercise regimes go to pot at this time of year. We write off being healthy until the 1st January but by the time we get there we feel pretty bloated, lethargic and pretty bloody crap..... and worst still we are back to the fitness levels we had months before, losing all of our progress and the results of our hard work. Here are my top tips to limit the damage in and over the Festive period!


Now this sounds simple right, but with the increase in social plans and the decrease in time left for normal activities it can be a tough nut to crack. However it IS crackable, Christmas does not have to equal sitting on your arse for four weeks. Yep there might be more social events so less time to fit in your normal fitness activities BUT there are plenty of cool things to do that involve clocking up some steps:

***** pre-pub walks in the park with friends and family

***** events like Winter Wonderland where there are plenty of steps involved

***** hit the dancefloor at the Christmas Party