Why running is NOT enough

So you've committed. You pound the streets. You hit the treadmill. You've got your running A-game on. You've made time for your running regime and you've stuck to it. High five! Most people do not even get out of the starting blocks - they manage it for a week and then low and behold it all seems like too much effort and they're back on the sofa loving a bit of Eastenders and wishing they could be fit.

You are getting fitter and you can run for longer. Maybe you're even entering some races here and there for a little extra motivation and to keep yourself focused. Maybe you look a little slimmer and you're feeling much better in yourself. The thing is, you're not physically seeing the results you expected. You ARE a smaller version of how you were before you started running and you fit in a smaller dress size. BUT you've still got some 'fluff' around the middle and the only reason you look more toned is because you're smaller, rather than because you've actually got more of the 'tone' that you wanted.

The thing is this is not limited to running. It is typical of any predominantly cardio-based program. Man (and woman) cannot survive on cardio alone! It is imperative to our fitness levels, to the care of our bodies and to how we look to add in some form of resistance training.

What is resistance training?

In real terms, it is using your muscles against a load. Now the load could be anything from weights or kettlebells to a small child or your own bodyweight. We lift the load from A to B - so imagine a press-up if you will. You are lifting the load of your bodyweight from the bottom of the rep to the top. Now that is resistance training.

Resistance training is the one thing that will give you the 'tone' that you were after in the first place. It also helps to prevent injury (especially important for runners), to decrease the risk of developing osteoporosis AND it boosts the metabolism. Now there is a winning sentence if ever I wrote one.

Basically the more muscle you have, the more you boost your metabolism. Let me just quickly smash one myth in the face. YOU WILL NOT LOOK LIKE ARNIE!!!!

It is physically impossible! People with that much muscle LIVE in the gym, they lift weight