Exercising when you're not quite straight out of your P.E. kit

So when you see a poster for a gym or a class, inevitably it's loads of ripped 20-30 year olds stroking their abs and looking smug as f##k. Thing is, in real life, this age bracket are just as likely to be smothered in a vat of wine and Jagerbombs than they are to be smashing out the exercise....and its possibly those who are plus 30 and beyond who have realised they need to look after their body in order to live as long and healthy a life as humanly possible.

There aren't many people who popped out of the womb and got their burpee on.... for most people we have had to learn to love exercise. Even me.... I frigging hated exercising as a teenager and then I went to uni, realised it was actually quite nice to balance my 4 bottles of wine a week with a few gym workouts a week... and from there it grew.