The Creators of Fitness Magic: We've got your back

What a job. You touch so many lives, you get that buzz of adrenaline not available in many other jobs, You feel true satisfaction when your clients achieve their goals. You fiercely love all the classes you teach and can't wait to sing their praises to newcomers and colleagues. Plus people who work in fitness are happy all the time right? Right?

Wrong. We are normal people with normal moods and we go through the same shit that everyone else does. We just happen to have a job that we prioritise over almost anything... over our families, our friends and quite often, our own health and mental well-being.

In an industry where the average pay is the same as a part-time employed human and where we haven't had a pay rise for at least 28,000 years, we have to work pretty damn hard for our money. Plus we have to pay program license fees, music license fees, insurance, music costs and course fees to stay fresh for our participants... all out of our below par salary. It's no wonder we occasionally get disillusioned.

And let's be honest.... who motivates instructors when they are feeling low... a low which people have in ALL industries and in ALL job roles, but one which we feel INCREDIBLY guilty for having because we have a job we feel so lucky to have.

Now this blog isn't to whinge about how hard it is for us. It is just to acknowledge that it IS sometimes tough, that's ok for us to admit and to offer a few coping strategies to help get the instructor crew through: