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HOW TO: Avoid ripping off people's faces and wearing them as masks

Now we're not oblivious to the fact that most people train because they want to look better..... whatever that better might be to them. Some people want to look slimmer, more muscular, more toned.... everyone has a different idea on what their ideal physique would be. This is fantastic.... it's a great motivation. But it really really shouldn't be the only one. 

Unless the individual is prepared to commit 100% to the diet and program required to reach their ideal, ultimate, dream physique, I've got to be honest, it's probably never going to happen. Now, keeping the honesty going, in all the classes I teach there is may be 2 people who actually have the mindset that they would sacrifice what they would need to to achieve that ultimate goal. Everyone else would prioritise being able to do, eat and drink what they want with friends/family/partners etc. And we can understand that right? 

So whilst looking better is a great motivation and a strong one. There HAS to be something else. And those something else's are generally things that crop up along the way and that's the reason I'm writing this post. Try to think of these things from the off. Generally beginner exercisers choose a cardio based class that is probably not going to yield the end result they are after long term.... This can be demotivating, leaving that person feeling like they just can't be arsed and 'exercise just didn't work for them'. 

The thing is exercise has to come in a resistance format in addition to the cardio in order to get any significant changes. And let's be honest, not very many beginner's think 'ooooo this week I want to squat like a ninja and be unable to get in and out of my car tomorrow'. 

So aside from the health benefits to your heart and lungs, what exactly ARE you gaining from your cardio based group exercise class. 

Self Belief

You did this. You attended it. You made it through longer than you did last week without wanting to be sick in your mouth. You only bumped into Mary next to you 3 times instead of 12. You can do this. And you can, in fact, do anything you set your mind to.... attending a different style of class, attending alone.... helping out in a different role at work, going for a promotion, telling your new boyfriend to do one when he doesn't like your new cat handbag. The self belief that comes from an exercise class should not be under-rated. It makes you feel the queen of the world. 


Managing to fit in an exercise class/home workout into your already hectic life is tough. But once you've done it and stuck to it for a few months, that shit will stick with you for life. It becomes your release, the time of the week you look forward to having to yourself. And this paves the way for additional training should you ever decide you want to up your game and challenge yourself to competing on Ninja Warrior.


Let's not beat about the bush. It takes a certain kind of person to yank their own ass out of bed to workout before work. That's pretty special. Making yourself go after work/on your lunch break/after the kids have been up since 5am arguing over who holds the yellow truck, now that's pretty darn special too. That discipline that you gain is what keeps you going when life takes a turn for the worst. When shit gets stressful (more than normal) will exercise get dumped or will you keep it going? Which brings me on to my next point....

Stress Relief

There ain't no rage like someone who's had a shit day and has nowhere to work it off..... apart from by screaming at a family member. So do everyone a favour and sweat it out. There's nothing better than that feeling of serenity after you've just been distracted from what a prick your boss is for an entire hour. In fact you almost feel sorry for him. In fact maybe you'll just take him out for lunch because he's probably having troubles at home and needs someone to talk to 🤣

If you're like me and your temper is 0-60 in about 3.5 seconds then I cannot recommend enough a decent workout. It stops me from ripping off someone's face and wearing it as a mask. 

Social Network & Support

Annnnnd here we have it. Other people who you don't already know are not only nice but they like sweating too. And th