HOW TO: Avoid ripping off people's faces and wearing them as masks

Now we're not oblivious to the fact that most people train because they want to look better..... whatever that better might be to them. Some people want to look slimmer, more muscular, more toned.... everyone has a different idea on what their ideal physique would be. This is fantastic.... it's a great motivation. But it really really shouldn't be the only one. 

Unless the individual is prepared to commit 100% to the diet and program required to reach their ideal, ultimate, dream physique, I've got to be honest, it's probably never going to happen. Now, keeping the honesty going, in all the classes I teach there is may be 2 people who actually have the mindset that they would sacrifice what they would need to to achieve that ultimate goal. Everyone else would prioritise being able to do, eat and drink what they want with friends/family/partners etc. And we can understand that right? 

So whilst looking better is a great motivation and a strong one.