How to LOSE WEIGHT, TONE UP & feel AMAZING right NOW!!!

After the miracle solution huh?! Well here it is:

Pull your finger out your ass and drop the excuses

Yup. That's it. Let's do it. What is holding you back?

People will try and sell you a miracle solution. A pill you can take, a shake you can drink, an exercise you can do. It's all bollocks. EVERYTHING works for a short period of time and then you're up shit creek stuck in a plateau thinking 'being healthy just didn't work for me'.

What motivates you is almost irrelevant. A lot of people are vain as hell (I'm not excluding myself there!) and want to look as machine like as they can, however it's a load of old crap really. At the end of the day there's bugger all point to looking good if it's an effort to get yourself out of the chair/run for the bus/play with the kids in the garden. I don't know about everyone else but the thought of being in my 70's and being unable to enjoy life scares the shit out of me. And exercise & diet play a massive role in maintaining muscle mass, flexibility and the energy levels required to live a full and happy life.

In the fitness game, all we hear is excuses.... why someone can't make it, why they can't finish their set, why they're too busy to walk for 10 minutes a day. We are used to this, it's standard, in fact as soon as we hear one coming most of us zone out.

What we like to hear are reasons & solutions...... 'I couldn't make it to class last night because **** didn't make it home from work to take this kids but I did my Insanity DVD instead', 'I can't do this exercise because it makes my **** hurt, what can I do instead?'. For every person who's too tired after work there's one that bribed the neighbour to look after the kids so he/she could pop out for a run. Every time one person tells me 'I just get home (at 7pm I'd like to add) and it's just too late by the time I've got in and changed my clothes and had something to eat', I just want to scream 'eat on the frigging train home and take your workout gear to work with you then'. In almost everyone's life there is a solution to the issue of fitting in exercise even if it's not exactly what you want to do and when.

Fit pros like it when you train with us. That's how we make money. However this isn't the best paid industry in the world and we'd definitely be richer with a conventional job, so it's safe to say we don't give a shit where or who you train with as long as you are moving! We are in this job because we love fitness, we love helping and motivating people and we are SO HAPPY for you if you make a lifestyle change regardless or what or who it's with.

From a beginner's point of view, pick something that takes your fancy and stick to it for a minimum of 12 weeks. Whatever you can fit in. During these 12 weeks educate yourself. Follow fitpros on Insta.... get some recipe ideas, some nutrition tips. Chat to fitness friends (not ones that sell Herba Shite or Forever Dying they don't get it) and suck in their magical knowledge. Yep going to aerobics class once a week may make a difference in the beginning but you are gonna have to step it up after a while and what are you going to have to step it up to? It's worth doing the research so you can avoid getting bored or becoming demotivated.

Some form of resistance training will have to go in there at some point to get the results you want. I like muscles. That's not for everyone. Pick a form of resistance training that you like the look of.... whether it's functional bodyweight stuff, dangling from a TRX, stroking a kettlebell or pumping iron with the big boys at the back of the gym, there is always SOMETHING which you won't detest. And you might even end up liking it!

The same applies with diet. Yep it's confusing with all the mixed messages out there but take it from me.... if you get advice from someone and it sounds like bollocks then it probably is. If they don't know the correct words for macro and micronutrients and start trying to sell you some mail order looking product then smile sweetly and walk away. Eat healthily. Drink water. Shower in vegetables. Lick some decent protein! Avoid processed muck and read up on how much is too much for someone of your build and size. Eating a decent diet isn't just for people that want to look different, your nutrition plays a massive role in your performance, in how lethargic and bloated you feel etc.

It's your call. Its your body. It's your life. But I'll be buggered if I'm letting fear, self-consciousness or apathy get in the way of me enjoying every last second and all of us sweaty fit pros want to motivate other people to feel the same.

By the way I'm writing this on a hill and on every side of it there's a half naked middle aged man in a suit. I feel like I might have inadvertently put myself in the middle of Fight Club. If I've got a black eye tomorrow then you know I joined in!

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