The dance fitness artillery

So I'm currently dying after teaching dance fitness for the day in a local school for their 'Health Awareness Day'.... I had Year 1s -Year 4s doing Zumba  and Year 7s-Year10s doing Hype which is my street dance fitness concept. It made me start thinking about all of the weapons and heavy artillery you gain over the years from teaching.

I stood there today infront of 120 5-7 year olds and not for one second did I think 'Holy Crap what am I going to do with this many children'. Similarly I just had 60 kids age 14-15 who were mildly unexcited about the prospect of a little dance fitness. I remember how I felt when I first started teaching and I would have been a little overwhlemed with so much noise and so many people in one room. With time however, you build up what can only be described as a library of heavy weaponary that you can whip out of the bag at a moments notice. Its like flicking through a mental notebook until you find the suitable piece of knowledge that you know is a game changer for this group.

This is the thing. It takes YEARS to build up your artillery and mo