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10,000 kcal Challenge - what I learnt!

So basically Mike decided he was going to see if he could fit 15,000kcals in his face in a day. Me being the plonker that I am decided that this sounded like an awesome idea and that I would join in and set my goal at 10,000.... I'm on around 3,000 a day anyway so I didn't think it's be too hard but let's just say I follow my macros to the gram day in and day out. To be fair, with 3000kcals a day I can pretty much fit anything I want in as long as plan in advance and I'm realistic. Plus I don't have a massive sweet tooth so that saves me from getting into too much trouble!

So Friday morning I got stuck into 200g of Jordan's Chocolate Country Crisp - I used to be addicted to the Marks & Sparks version but that one has gluten in so I went in for this bad boy! One bloody decent sized bowl.... 1000kcals including the milk! Wtaf!!! I thought I was off to a cracking start. However, I'd forgotten that the sweetest thing I eat these days is protein powder with chocolate almond milk and the occasional Reese's peanut butter cup. I felt like full on SHIT, straight away. It was so sweet I felt nauseous. So I had to have a lie down. And I'm not even joking. Bearing in mind my average meal is around 700-900kcals anyway this wasn't a stretch, What the hell was happening to me!

And this was literally the theme of the day - I realised that the stuff I squeeze into my macros on a 'cheat' day is actually the only stuff I care about missing out on - namely nachos, Nandos, red wine and steak. And all accompanied with some decent veg and a year's supply of mashed potato. It was a massive wake up call to me, especially after the blog post that I wrote yesterday. I really have changed. My tastebuds are completely different. I used to be able to demolish a family bar of Dairy Milk, a few squares now and I'm done. It's really weird!  I was also clucking for the beautiful steak, veg and mash that we had out in the evening at TW2 on Twickenham Green. That is literally my idea of the perfect meal.......coupled with a bottle of decent Malbec and I couldn't be any happier.

So what I'm trying to say it sometimes to fully realise how far you have come, you need to remember where you started. Properly rack your brains... where you started isn't a few weeks ago, when you'd had a couple of months off training and you just needed a rocket up your ass to get back in the game. I mean where you truly started.... whether it was mindset, motivation, the type of training, the quality of training, your nutrition, your dedication, your timetabling, your confidence. Whatever it is, you HAVE changed and sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit for how much.