10,000 kcal Challenge - what I learnt!

So basically Mike decided he was going to see if he could fit 15,000kcals in his face in a day. Me being the plonker that I am decided that this sounded like an awesome idea and that I would join in and set my goal at 10,000.... I'm on around 3,000 a day anyway so I didn't think it's be too hard but let's just say I follow my macros to the gram day in and day out. To be fair, with 3000kcals a day I can pretty much fit anything I want in as long as plan in advance and I'm realistic. Plus I don't have a massive sweet tooth so that saves me from getting into too much trouble!

So Friday morning I got stuck into 200g of Jordan's Chocolate Country Crisp - I used to be addicted to the Marks & Sparks version but that one has gluten in so I went in for this bad boy! One bloody decent sized bowl.... 1000kcals including the milk! Wtaf!!! I thought I was off to a cracking start. However, I'd forgotten that the sweetest thing I eat these days is protein powder with chocolate almond milk and the occasional Reese's peanut butter cup. I felt like full on SHIT, straight away. It was so sweet I felt nauseous. So I had to have a lie down. And I'm not even joking. Bearing in mind my average meal is around 700-900kcals anyway this wasn't a stretch, What the hell was happening to me!