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Why do some people manage to stick to a workout regime....... and other's fail miserably?

So I was thinking this morning, what is different about the people that stick to an exercise program - or what is different about that person at that exact time in their lives? Why do some people get better results, and why do other's end up feeling like they are wasting their time.

Here's what came to mind....... 1. CONSISTENCY - they set themselves a schedule and come hell or high water they stick to it. Almost nothing will get in the way of their exercise.... They fully realise how important it is for themselves and their familes to stay healthy and so they do it. End of. Some people like having a timetable and are not easily swayed from it. This helps massively with keeping on target with any type of exercise plan.

2. MOTIVATION - how much do they want it? Is it just a passing idea because their neighbour is doing it and they don't want to miss out or do they really want to feel/look/perform differently. How deep rooted the motivation is massively depends on that person's mindset and background and what inspired them to exercise in the first place. For most of us, it is probably a degree of vanity - we want to look as good as we possibly can and this is a massive motivator for us. For others it might be performance related - and I don't mean just athletes.... are we hoping to get more agile, to be more mobile, to retain our flexibility into older age, to be able to run for the bus without needing an inhaler. In my opinion, how much the person wants the outcome they have imagined in their head, is directly correlated to how much effort they are willing to be able to put in to it.

3. INTENTION - We all know if you go to lift weights and flap around a dumbbell for 30 mins without connecting with the muscle you are using, then you're gonna see feck all difference so why do we expect it from a class? You need to put the effort in to see the results. If you attend a cardio class and don't leave a little moist in the armpit region then that's down to you. For example, I love dancing, when I dance I feel like I'm sprinting from a crocodile because my muscles are on fire where I'm putting in so much effort. Come and waft your arms around with no intention and the results will be completely different

4. SUPPORT - some people get this at home, have families that truly want them to have that time to themselves/be healthier. Others don't. So make friends at class or in the gym. They don't have to be a sister from another mister. Just someone you can say hi to and who will slap you on the back when your butt is looking good. Women are much much more likely than men to join a group exercise program.... but you often see guys training in twos or threes in the gym.... so both sexes like the motivation and the competition of being around other people while they train.

5. WILLINGNESS TO MAKE A CHANGE - I know people that come to my classes who work 3 jobs, have young children and STILL come to class week in week out. So when someone looks me in the eye and more or less tells me they can't be bothered to change their diet or they can't 'fit in' a class, then be prepared for the eyebrow. That person isn't going to do what they need to do to see results. They're just not in the right place to do it and only they can give themselves a kick up the arse to find that willingness to change.

6. DITCHING THE FEAR - so you come with Mary but Mary's lazy as f#$k and any excuse not to come and she's in her PJs in front of Eastenders before you can click your fingers. You really want to come so why don't you come alone? Fear. Fear stops us from doing lots of cool stuff. So work you way round it and kick Mary in the face. Ditch her and make new friends at class. New friends who are going to say hi when you get there, high five you when you don't drown in your own sweat and be pleased you came because you made them feel more confident too. Then Mary might pull her finger out cos she's got FOMO!

So high five to all of you guys for being fitness legends and sticking to this stuff for so long and for anyone desperately wanting to make that change, just jump on right in there! It's a big leap, but once you make it, the opportunities for a real lifestyle change are endless!

Peace out!