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Rave Tone is a bodyweight resistance program incorporating MSE, basic plyometrics (optional) and a little yoga to increase muscle ‘tone’, flexibility, core strength, balance and range of motion. This is a 1 hour class but could easily be adapted for 45 minutes by removing one section. Music is purchasable from FitMixPro. Link supplied upon purchase.

Rave Tone is a choreographed, bodyweight resistance class which is easy to follow and teach! The class is already layered to cater for most general fitness levels and is simple to both regress and progress depending on your clients. We teach it in a darkened room with disco lights to add atmosphere but this is NOT essential and works just as well in the daylight!

Each edition has the same basic structure:

• A thorough warm-up including previews of lots of moves used within the class format

• A lower body MSE section using variations in movement patterns, range of motion and tempo


• Light cardio throughout two more intense tracks using simple and optional plyometrics

• An upper body MSE section targeting strength, endurance and control via a variety of rep ranges hidden within the choreography

• A fast flowing yoga inspired section to increase flexibility, balance and core control

• A floor work section to target all areas of the core as well as back and glutes

• A stretch track to promote recovery and maintain flexibility The music is hosted on FitMIxPro and can be purchased separately.

All the choreography follows a verse and chorus format therefore is easily adaptable should you prefer to source and mix your own music. 






  • Each edition includes a 3 track warm-up, lower body MSE + 1 x HIIT style cardio track, upper body MSE x2, yoga inspired tracks x2, floor work (inc glutes & abs) x3, stretch x1 

  • There is a downloadable manual available plus the logo that you are free to use to advertise your class.

  • Detailed choreography notes to facilitate learning speed

  • Hyperlink to all the playlist on FitMixPro

To register as an instructor:

  1. Create a member account (top right hand of the page)

  2. Submit qualifications

  3. Wait for approval (please allow 12 hours)

  4. Go shopping! 




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Rave Tone-Logo-01.png
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