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I get it! I know how it feels.... you want to offer something different but the time it takes to create the choreography or plan the workout is putting you off. You might be a newer instructor who would benefit from teaching a pre-choreographed program but you don't agree with what is out there or it seems expensive to have to sign up to an ongoing monthly fee.

Maybe you want to offer your own freestyle class but you don't know where to start..... well this is the place for you :)

Click on Formats to find out about the pre-choreographed formats I offer with no license fee and click on Freestyle to find out more about planning your own sessions!

Peruse the blog section for your own info or also to use articles to share with your class.... I write some targeted at my participants to pass on information to them.... and others to help instructors find their niche and find the confidence to do what they feel is the next step for them!

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