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Hype Dance Fitness is a pre-choreographed street dance class format with NO license fee. Simply purchase the choreography from us and the music from FitMixPro or another music license approved source and get teaching! New editions are released regualrly and are purchaseable in the same way!

This is easy-to-follow and teach IF you already have dance experience but it is a full dance program so it is probably not suitable for instructors who do not have any dance background or who found the practical side of ETM a challenge. (We are just being honest so you don’t waste your hard earned cash!). If you have a dance background in some way, this will be simple and incredibly fun and rewarding to teach. Over time your class will learn real footwork and real moves which will give them a great sense of accomplishment and achievement. The atmosphere and vibe is ELECTRIC and the class has a great sing-a-long vibe.





  • Each edition includes 16 choreographies including one warm-up and a cool down and 14 separate routines which are taught verse & chorus. We recommend that you use a 2-3 track warm-up so that you can drill and breakdown new moves and combos that are featured in  the class. There are a variety of levels – some very easy, some harder. You are also welcome to create 2 of your own choreographies per playlist to cater for your classes tastes!

  • There is a downloadable manual available plus various formats of the logo that you are free to use to advertise your class.

  • Detailed choreography notes to facilitate learning speed

  • Hyperlinks to all tracks on I-Tunes 



To register as an instructor:

  1. Create a member account (top right hand of the page)

  2. Submit qualifications

  3. Wait for approval (please allow 12 hours)

  4. Go shopping! 


now available 

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