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My name is Anna and I created BASSbox because I was desperate to have a choreographed padwork class to my favourite music and I thought my classes would love it too! BASSbox is set to garage and drum n bass taking your participants on an old skool journey! I am currently using the choreo for approximately 12 weeks - there are different choreographies for each track which means when they switch over after 6 weeks, it's basically an entirely new class. You will need to have some kind of padwork license/experience to be able to teach this class but you will need to check with your own insurer as to what they require.

Edition 1 works through a warm-up introducing basic combos and joint mobilisation etc, then through a steady state cardio section including some lower body toning moves to get their juices flowing. We then move into more of a HIIT section with more fitness moves and repetitive speed boxing to increase their rate of work and the variety of muscles and energy systems targeted.

The music is hosted on FitMixPro and can be purchased separately by clicking on this link:

We would love to share this choreography with you. You can do this by purchasing access on the video player below. There are no license fees. This is a single purchase of one hours worth of choreography. There will be more coming!

By purchasing the choreography, you are confirming that you will only use the logos for suitable promotion such as flyers/posters/websites/clothing for your classes. Please do not alter the logo in any way.

Please do not use this choreography to represent any other fitness format. If you do, we WILL have to hunt you down, and we WILL have to kill you! We prefer not to have blood on our hands, so please play nicely!

By purchasing any of these BASSbox videos you are confirming that you are a qualified and insured fitness professional (with the required experiencing in padholding and boxing) and you take responsibility to modify and adapt the choreography to suit your participants.

By purchasing any of these BASSbox videos you are confirming that you will teach these in your fitness classes only, that you will not use these to represent another trademark/copyrighted dance/fitness class and that you will only use the logo in an appropriate way.

The owners of BASSbox do not accept any responsibility for injuries that may occur from taking part in these routines.

The high res BASSbox logos & choreography notes will become available to you after purchase.

We are working on Edition 2 as we speak so if you have any track requests please let us know! We would love to give you what you want! Likewise any feedback, just drop us an email:

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