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This section is a little different.... there is a lot of money to be made in online coaching and offering home workouts to your class. The 14 Day Fix is a couple of 14 day home workout series that you can purchase and use to sell to your clients and let them either crack on or create Facebook groups etc to motivate them and help them get more results.

I use these a couple of times a year to get a big group of my gang involved and motivate them to get on it via the medium of Facebook!

There are 14 x 30 minute home workouts based around a variety of HIIT, toning and stretch depending on the day! I charged £14.99 to each person in my group with 20 people approximately in the group. Motivational and/or nutritional based posts daily to help keep them on track. 

There is also a free recipe book available with Warrior One for you to give to your clients to give them a kick start. You do not need to be nutritionally qualfiied to pass on the recipe book as it has been created by a pro and tailored for the average person looking to lose a little weight - high protein and lots of flavour! 

These are bodyweight home workouts based on HIIT & resistance.... I will be making more at some point.... but not at the moment... so don't promise anyone Warrior 3 just yet!

You should only run groups in the remit to which you are qualified - do not give nutritional advice if you do not have the qualifications etc. Also PLEASE don't use this to promote Herbalife, Forever Living or any other company that creates meal replacement supplmentation. I HATE IT AND I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE!

The video on this page (to the right) is public and can be used to gauge interest etc :) Please feel free to share!

By purchasing this product you are confirming that you are qualified to support your clients through this HIIT & bodyweight resistance journey and that you will not offer any nutritional support unless covered by your insurer. You will not use this video series in conjunction with ANY MLM company such as Herbalife, Forever Living and all that other crap.

Always Moving Forward cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained whilst attempting to imitate the movements demonstrated on this video series. All exercisers should be encouraged to consult with their GP before embarking on a new exercise regime.


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